Rotating Tee perch for medium to large size hawks


Rotating Tee perch for medium to large size hawks




Rotating Tee perch for medium to large size hawks

Perfect size perch for Coopers hawks, Goshawks, Harris hawks or Red tail hawk. We are bringing back our old style rotating Tee perch but with many new added features. Starting with an all steel perch that will last just about for ever and a new design to be more tangle free. We will sell these wrapped or unwrapped so you can add what ever perch covering you like. Holes have been drilled into the underside of the top perch tubing to allow nylon rope to be push into these holes to hold nylon rope. Perch width is 15 inches wide x 12 ½ high with a stainless steel spike length of 19 ½ inches. Over all length of this perch is 32 inches long. (Note all of our new style Tee perches have had two finish coats of gray powder coating for a perfect look and finish, the stainless steel spike is un coated for close ground contact. Leash is tied above the cross bars on either side of the perch and in doing this will make the perch rotate very well when the bird bates.

310 – Steel frame double powder coated rotating Tee perch comes Un-wrapped. $135.00

310A – Steel Rotating Tee perch/ double powder coated. Perch comes wrapped with stadium astro turf. $150.00


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