R-400 or R-600 Folding antenna with holster carry case


Now for sale the new R-400 Folding antenna with holster carry case included, shown at right in the open position…


 R-400 or R-600 Folding antenna, comes with a black nylon holster carry case.

These new folding antennas work very well and can be attached to any of the older version R-400 or R-600 receiver units very easily. This folding antenna can be used with other similar box type receivers such as L&L, I-Com and many other hand held receivers. They are very light weight and made from a very durable plastic that is almost indestructible, easy to use and offer a much better handling experience with a pistol grip handle and holster carry case. You will notice a much better tracking range with this new folding antenna. This new solid built antenna opens up to 20 inches wide when in use and folds down very quickly. If you have an older unit you will want to get one of these soon. The total length of antenna and receiver once mounted together and folded up is 11 1/2 inches long x 3 1/2 inches wide x 3 inches thick and has a total carry weight of just under 28 ounces. One pistol grips come with this unit color is Orange.


Please note: The new R-400 folding antenna can be used with many other types of receivers as an

external handheld unit. We will enclose an adapter kite that can be hooked up to this folding

antenna so it can be hooked up with most any other receiver. This folding antenna can be used with

receivers that are using 216 – 219MHz. You will only need to buy a 4ft coax cable to complete this setup.

If you have any questions please contact us anytime. sales@mikesfalconry.com


2032 Spare folding antenna for use with the R-400 or R-600 receiver. $79.95


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