MX 1/3N High Power Transmitter Leg mount 216Mhz and 434 frequencies




MX 1/3N High Power Transmitter Leg mount 216Mhz and 434 frequencies


Excellent size transmitter for birds from Goshawk up to the largest Redtail and falcons.

1/3N MX transmitter is a high powered transmitter with a shortened
antenna total over all length is 8.5 inch long and weights just 7.5

An excellent size transmitter for 600 gram birds and up, for use with tail mount or backpack.

New features include a magnetic tap on and off to disable & enable the transmitter.

Runs on one 1/3N lithium battery and will last for up to 30 days continuous use with a 50 mile Line of sight range.

Run time is 18 days or more and has a battery saving mode after 250 hours of run time.

Operating range is -30F to +120F.

Two year no hassle warranty.

Comes with battery and Magnetic wand.

MX001 – MX 1/3N High Power Transmitter Leg mount 216Mhz, 218Mhz and 434 frequencies. $165.00

All Merlin systems transmitter come with our toll free phone number on them so that if
you bird gets lost and someone finds them, we can contact you and let you know if you have contacted us about your birds loss.

We carry the Merlin Systems transmitters in these 216Mhz frequencies from
216.010 up to 216.099 and also in 434 frequencies. The MX series transmitters cannot be made up in 216.025
or 216.075, as Merlin’s Systems transmitters are not all made up on even
frequencies like Marshall’s transmitters are.But if your receiver will only use a
certain frequency please contact us and we will see if we can get something made up for you.


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