The Marshall Turbo
Transmitter is the most powerful and rugged falconry transmitter ever

Truly the best in the world! Now with the added benefit of a full
color LED light to show how the Turbo is operating. Designed to efficiently use
the battery, the Turbo varies its output power (range) to best match the
conditions of recovering your falcon.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently this is a SPECIAL ORDER
ITEM, custom-build transmitters take 15 to 30 days to acquire. So please order soon
and we will have one made up exclusively for you for this coming season.

Turbo1 Marshall Turbo long range transmitter. $575.00

Choose from these available frequencies from
the drop down menu to place an order for your special order transmitter.

215, 216, 217, 218 & 219 MHz
432, 433, 434, 435 & 436 MHz
233, 234, 235, & 236 MHz

Once we have received your custom order for
this Marshall Turbo transmitter we will have it made up for you and shipped out
as soon as it is done, normally within 7 to 10 days time.

Please note: Sometimes we do have the Turbo in stock and we will list the frequency in our drop down menu and if shown you can order it from the website for fast delivery.

Operating Modes:

The Turbo transmitter is designed give the best range possible
while hunting, but it is also able to reduce power to preserve battery life if
your falcon is lost for an extended time. To provide the best tracking, the
Turbo operates in high power (
Turbo) mode for 16 hours; this gives you
the best chance to quickly recover your falcon. After 16 hours, the Turbo reduces
its power (still stronger than an RT Standard) to provide 5 full days of
tracking. The LED light on the side of the Turbo indicates what mode the
transmitter is in.

Blue LED – Turbo
Power Mode
– maximum range (up to 2x the range
of the RT Standard).
Turbo mode lasts for 16 hours (with a fresh

Green LED –
Standard Power Mode. While in this mode, the range still better
than an RT Standard

(and double beep) – Change Battery. The battery is
getting low (2-3 days remaining)

Red LED (and triple beep) –Battery
almost dead
, you have less than 1 day remaining

Note: the
LED light is the latest technology and is super-efficient, it uses less than 1%
of the transmitter’s power.

Violet LED (and very slow flashing) – Sleeping. indicates
that the transmitter has a battery installed, but is switched off with the

•Frequency Stability
•Size: .540” Diameter
•Weight: 9.2 gr Tail Mount
•Standard Duty Cycle: 50ms 60ppm
•Apollo 13 Duty Cycle: 16 Hours
•Operating Temperature: -40F to +150F (w/ new battery)
•Range: 9 to 100 miles, depending on type of terrain and obstructions.
•Relative Power: +17db
•Battery: DL 1/3N
•Mounting Methods: Primarily on the Tail or Backpack
•Antenna Length: 13”
•Power Line Static Protection: This transmitter has been designed to
take a high static electrical discharge and keep on working.

•Hard Coat Anodizing: Tough exterior surface.
•High Impact Crystal: Extremely durable components.
•Warranty: 5 Years
•Magnetic On/Off Switch: Standard

Tap On /Tap Off™ Magnetic Switch

The Turbo uses Marshall’s unique tap on/ tap off magnetic switch
to turn the transmitter on and

off. The status of the transmitter is then indicated by the color
of the LED light.

When switched off with the magnet, the LED will flash slowly in … Violet.
This indicates that the

transmitter has a battery installed and is sleeping.

Note: If you lose your magnet, or prefer to use your transmitter without
this feature, the Turbo can be switched on

and off by simply removing the battery.

The Turbo uses the same 1/3N
Lithium Photo Battery proven by falconers for years. We recommend the Duracell

Battery is installed positive side inside the lid (positive side
is marked with a “+”). When installing

battery, screw the lid down finger tight. Circular battery spring
exerts back-pressure onto the lid

preventing it from unscrewing. As soon as the battery is installed
transmitter will begin running.

If the transmitter does not start
blinking blue when a new battery has been installed, simply use the magnetic
wand to switch it on.


Turbo will run 5 days continuously when a new battery is installed. You will
receive a warning (yellow LED and double beep) when approximately 3 days life
is remaining. This is when it is time to change the battery.

will receive a 2nd warning
(Red LED) and triple beep when only 1 day of life is remaining. In order to
provide the best power and days to recover your falcon, we recommend changing the
battery after 8-12 hours of usage. If the transmitter is used for more than 8
hours in a day, a new battery should be installed for each day of hunting.


your transmitter for signs of mechanical wear and tear. Check
Tail Spring
to make sure that the tail spring is still strong and holds the
transmitter in the tail piece securely. Inspect
Antenna and
replace as soon as you see cracks or any exposed metal wire.

Replacing the Antenna

antenna on the Turbo transmitter is field replaceable. Use only Genuine
Marshall replacement antennas with
Power Line Static

Protection TM, length
13-1/4 inches for 216 or 233 MHz, 7 inches for UHF.

Remove old antenna using
X-acto knife to slice off the old epoxy seal at the base of the antenna. Then
un-screw old

Make sure brass threads on the stud are clean and shiny.

Install new antenna hand
tight, and secure with a small bead of quick drying epoxy around the base.

Never use liquid super glue or any type of thread locking
compound to secure the antenna.
Liquid Super Glue can wick up the threads
causing them to permanently bond to the antenna stud
. Only use your fingers to
remove old antennas, using tools or pliers may permanently damage your transmitter.

Turbo Range

Turbo is designed to give best range while on your bird. It has been tested to
over 150 miles line-of-sight. Like any transmitter,
range varies greatly
with terrain
. Tests have shown its range in hunting situations of western
US deserts to be anywhere from 8 to 100 miles, depending on height of
transmitter, height of receiver, type of terrain and obstructions, and radio
noise or interference. The Turbo has about twice (2X) the range of the
benchmark Marshall RT transmitter (or 4x the range of a Marshall RT Plus).

Using the Receiver

from Turbo is
strongest, if receiver antenna is lined up in same
orientation as Turbo antenna
. Since a falcon on a perch keeps tail
almost vertical, you will get best signal if holding receiver antenna with its
elements vertical. However,
there are cases when transmitter’s antenna
could be nearly
horizontal and holding your receiver antenna
horizontally will give the better result.

If both horizontal and vertical signals can be heard, use horizontal
for better pinpoint accuracy.


Radio Telemetry warrants that the Turbo transmitter will be free from defects
of workmanship and materials for FIVE (5) Years from the date of purchase by
end-user. Return defective transmitter directly to Marshall Radio Telemetry and
we will repair or replace it and return it free of charge. However, we will not
be responsible for damage from misuse or normal wear and tear incurred during
use. Warranty is void if a non-Marshall Radio Telemetry antenna has been used.
no circumstances will Marshall Radio be responsible for damages or loss beyond
the value of the transmitter itself, including but not limited to the loss of a
bird or lost time.


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