L.L. Electronics LF-3 2G transmitter comes in leg or tail mount




L.L. Electronics LF-3 2G Falconry & Hack transmitter in leg or tail mount. Please note transmitter color may be black instead of blue.

Hack transmitters are long-life, high-durability units that allow you enough time to find your young bird in training. Similar to the LF-2 Hack, this LF-3 Hack gives you a little more range and slightly less battery life.

This transmitter will work well for large to medium size Hawks or Falcons and also as a Hacking transmitter with a 37 day battery life.

Weight: 7 grams

Battery Life: 37 days (~880 hours) continuous operation

Comes with one 1/3N Lithium battery and battery sleeves included.

Range: 10 miles or more.

We only offer these in 216 frequencies at this time. Choose from drop down menu leg or tail mount.

LT57 LF-3 2g Leg mount transmitter. $135.00

LT58 LF-3 2g tail mount transmitter. $145.00

(Comes with a one year warranty.)


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