Hunting Eagle


The Development of German & Austrian Eagle Falconry Hunting Eagle takes the reader straight to the core of golden eagle falconry,..


Hunting Eagle

The Development of German & Austrian Eagle Falconry Hunting Eagle takes the reader straight to the core of golden eagle falconry, charting the eagles astonishing rise to power across Germany, Austria and the former Soviet Bloc. Its an account of the people and places that made it happen, as some of eagle falconrys best-known names take their first steps towards delivering todays devastating hunting bird: Knut Röder leaves critics open mouthed at a Deutscher Falkenorden meeting, Claus Fentzloff pursues jackals in Morocco, and Josef Hiebeler launches his deer-hawking career. Fields and forests are hunted islands too as the most testing quarries fall to falconrys astonishing new bird. Crammed with never-before-translated accounts and supported by scores of fascinating photos, this exciting book will prove riveting for anyone interested in eagle falconry. A superb book by Martin Hollinshead Quotes about this new book below: I sat down with a copy of this book and read it from cover to cover in one indulgent sitting which confirms the holding power of the authors writing and how fascinating I found the discussion. This really is a book that should grace the shelves of all who are interested in this wonderful raptor. Alan Gates Another great book and a valuable insight into the resurgence of eagle hawking worldwide. Steve Ford, The British School of Falconry Western falconers are vaguely aware of the “revival” – actually more a separate invention – of eagle falconry by German and Austrian falconers over the last fifty years. In Hunting Eagle, Martin Hollinshead gives us the history and personalities of this fascinating movement. Stephen Bodio I thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest work from the pen of Martin Hollinshead. Martin has put together a remarkable piece of eagle falconry history, much of which, even with my lifelong interest in eagles, was totally new to me. Hunting Eagle enthusiastically charts the development of golden eagle falconry across Europe, at the same time highlighting the numerous differences between German and Austrian eagle falconry and our own. If you are an eagle falconer or simply interested in eagle falconry this volume certainly deserves space on your bookshelf.

I found it fascinating and have no hesitation in recommending it unreservedly.’ David Fox, the BFC Eagle Group First Edition limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.

Published by The Fernhill Press. 5148 Hunting Eagles, HB First Edition B&W photo 159 pages. $58.00 Back cover view of this great new eagle book, “NOW IN STOCK”.


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