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Model FMV, Leg mount, for Coopers hawk size raptors up to Tiercel Falcon.

Choose 216 or 218 frequencies shown in stock from our drop down menu above.

Weight 5 grams with batteries: Uses two #392 oxide batteries. 12 day operating time and a 20 mile L.O.S. range.

Our stock frequency is 216.

Model FMV leg mount. $95.00. Comes with battery.

We offer the best warranty on the market today, a two year parts and labor no hassle warranty.

You will love these transmitters they work fantastic. These are the old style Merlin systems transmitter that you will need to take the batteries out when you are done flying for the day, but they work great just like the new MX models except they do not have the tap on tap off features on them.This size transmitter is good for Cooper hawks up to Male/Harris/ Tercel falcon size raptors.

We carry the FMV transmitters in these 216Mhz frequencies from 216.010 up to 216.099. The FMV transmitters cannot be made up in 216.025 or 216.075, as Merlin’s Systems transmitters are not all made up on even frequencies like Marshalls transmitters are. So when giving us the 216 frequency that you need, let us know if you need an exact frequency or if any 216 frequency will do just enter 216. But if your receiver will only use a certain frequency please enter this and then if we do not have it we can see about having one made up for you.


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