Field Marshall 800 – use 80 transmitters on 4 bands with HSL antenna


Field Marshall 800

The Field Marshall 800 replaces the Field Marshall 4000 for the US/ EU market. It covers the first 200 KHz on all of 4 bands,..

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The FM800 has a 4 band select able 216-219, 200 kilohertz per band, equipped with Half Size HSL
Yagi antenna.

It is possible to us up to 80 transmitters, 20 in each band width with this receiver.

It covers the first 200 KHz on all of 4 bands, great for spreading out falcon and dog transmitters on multiple bands. Coverage is 216.000-.199, 217.000-.199, 218.000-.199, 219.000-.199.

The all new Digital Field Marshall gives you the most sensitivity available in a
one-piece compact, rugged and very small design.

This premium tracking receiver offers more sound volume from any position
with speakers on top and bottom, a new ultra-compact heavy-duty case design
featuring a “Quick-Release” handle, improved LED front lighting of the control
panel for night tracking, improved water resistance for use in wet weather, and
the latest generation of Marshall’s exclusive collapsible yagi antenna.

Also, unique to the Field Marshall is the addition of poyphase filters, our
new noise floor reduction technology that reduces the background noise while
increasing the effective range and tracking ease.

All new receivers also come with a quality over the shoulder carry case at no extra cost.

MR-800: The Field Marshall 800, 216-219MHz receiver with half size Yagi antenna. $894.00

Marshall Radio Telemetry warrants its receivers to be free
of defects of workmanship and materials for three (3) years on
mechanical and moving parts, and three (3) years on electronics from the
date of purchase.


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