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Field Marshall 100 has the same capacity as the old 10 channel and offers 100 KHz in 216.000 -.100. This new model will be a big hit with any new falconers wanting to get a quality Marshall receiver with all of the best features as the older models but with a lower price of $695.00. This will be an excellent receiver for falconers with just one or two birds. All new receivers also come with a quality over the shoulder carry case at no extra cost. We have the 216MHz in stock now and other frequencies can be ordered also, in 217,218,219, 223 or 173MHz . Please note you can add the new HSL shorter yagi antenna to your FM100 receiver for an addtional $100.00.The HSL yagi is much shorter making for a much smaller over all size receiver that will fit into your vest pocket or carry bag much easier. All receivers come with an over the shoulder carry case. MR-100USA The Field Marshall 100, 216MHz $695.00 MR-100A Field Marshall 100 Receiver with HSL Yagi Antenna added. $795.00. Please pick the receiver and frequency you require from the drop down menu below. (216MHz is are stock frequency, other frequencies may take from one to four weeks to be made up, so place your orders early.) 217MHz, 218, 219, 173, 233, 433MHz. ALL new orders for The Field Marshall receivers will come with a new over the shoulder carry case. Carry case shown below.


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