Dog Trainers, Bird Hunters and Falconers will love our new Specialty vest

We only have the size small vest available now and these our on clearance sale now. Small size will fit a small man or a small woman and small children from 10 to 15 years old.

We were not able to get more of these vest made up for the 2021 year. We hope to have them back for 2022. So please check back then.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Dog Trainers, Bird Hunters and Falconers will love our new Specialty vest. Please note vest tend to run a little large.

We’ve made some new changes to our dog training & bird hunters vest for 2015. This vest is hand made in the USA and we have added many new features to this vest to make it the best on the market today. We have worked on this design for over four years now and we think that you will be very pleased with the design and overall quality. Our vest is made from TRUE 100% , 1000 denier blood and water proof Cordura nylon fabric and this vest will last many years if not a life time. This vest was tested by members of the California Springer club and meet with their excellent approval.

If you use live birds as part of your dog or Falcon training program, this new specialty vest is just for you.

This vest has two large front pockets on each side. The outer pocket allows you plenty of room for dog leash, water bottles, shot gun shells etc. The inner front pockets comes with a nylon zipper installed into the top of the pockets for carrying up to 2 pigeons or 2 -3 quail in each zippered and ventilated pocket. These back zippered pockets will allow you to open the pocket flaps on each side to get into the front pocket and your live birds will not be able to get out. These large pockets have a nice cover flap with a strong locking snap that can be opened or closed with your thumb and index finger. The large front chest sections on either side of the vest seals with Velcro and is ventilated with grommets and will easily hold a Pigeon or pheasant on each side. These bird planting pouches of the vest DO NOT open to the rear game bag. The rear game pouch has been made much larger now with lower edge’s to make it easier to put game in and can easily hold two or more pheasants. All shoulder and waist belt straps are fully adjustable, a cooler vest in the summer that will also adjust to fit over a coat for winter use. There is also a nice size zipper pouch inside the vest to keep your wallet and keys safe.

We are so sure that you will love your new Specialty vest that we offer a full one year warranty on material and workmanship.

Our training vest are made with a little more room around the waist and chest, but when ordering you should be able to buy the same size you normally wear and have a good fitting vest and still have room to add birds on both sides of this vest.

Sizing chart for Men.
DTV1 – Small size man. 100 up to 145lbs. Chest size 34 – 36
DTV2 –Medium size man. 145 up to 175lb. Chest size 38 – 40
DTV3 – Large size man. 175 up 195lbs. Chest size 42 – 44
DTV4 – X-Large size man. 195 up to 240lbs. Chest size 46 – 48
DTV5 – XX- large size man. 240lbs and up. Chest size 50 – 52

Sizing chart for Woman.
DTV1 – Small size woman. 100 up to 145lbs. Chest size 33
DTV2 –Medium size woman. 145 up to 175lb. Chest size 35
DTV3 – Large size woman. 175 up 195lbs. Chest size 38
DTV4 – X-Large size woman. 195 up to 240lbs. Chest size 41
DTV5 – XX- large size woman. 240lbs and up. Chest size 45

DTV Specialty training & Hunting vest.



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