Abba Raptor Restraints comes in four sizes


Abba Raptor Restraints, small size for Kestrel/Sharpshin size.



Abba Raptor Restraints comes in four sizes.

If you need to safely handle or immobilize any type of raptor these soft cloth breathable restraints will work wonders. They are very easy to use by placing the birds wings into the cloth slots on both sides and then wrapping the remaining material around the bird and tying the tie string around the lower part of the birds body. (Instructions will be included.)

609 – Small Kestrel/ Merlin – Sharp-shin size birds. $22.00
610 – Medium, Tiercel falcons, Goshawk, Male Harris hawk. $22.00
611 – Average size falcons, Male Red tails size birds. $22.00
612 Large Hy-breed Falcons, Extra large F/ Red tail/ Ferruginous hawks. $22.00


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