Radio Tracking receiver – 216-222Mhz VHF with folding antennas


VHF 216 – 222 Radio tracking receiver.
Radio Telemetry MF-600A Receiver used for Falconry, Dog tracking, Air plane and small Rocket use.
Now comes with a 2 year warranty. Frequencies it covers is now 216-222Mhz.


Mike’s Falconry Supplies Radio Telemetry MF-600A Receiver 216-222Mhz four band used for Falconry, Dog tracking, Air plane and small Rocket use. Comes with carry case and head phone adapter.
Frequencies it covers is now 216-222Mhz.
Now comes with a 2 year warranty. 

The MF-600A Receiver with folding antenna has proved to be a great new handheld receiver and showed great results in the field over this past season. We field tested the MF-600A receiver with the new folding antenna and it has proved to have a much better range than with the old style antenna and is much easier to carry and store. The new folding antenna is very well made easy to use, light weight and opens and closes very nicely. The total weight of the receiver with new folding antenna is just under 28 ounces and can be carried on your side with a special holster style case. We think that you will be very pleased with this new receiver and folding antenna, it ranks well in comparison to many of the top receivers on the market today. Please read the list below for more information.. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

( This new Receiver is made in the USA.)

Please note: The MF-600A receiver and folding antenna is now sold for other uses besides falconry such as dog hunters and tracking Hobby air planes and also for tracking small rockets is fine.

This receiver will work with any transmitter in the 216,217,218,219, 220 – 222 MHz frequency bands for the ultimate coverage. Super sensitive @-150dbm to hear the weakest signals. Synthesized design for extreme frequency stability under all temperature conditions. Frequency steps are 10KHz with ±5KHz fine tuning on all frequencies from 216 – 222 MHz. Supplied with high gain directional folding antenna. Antenna comes directly mounted to the receiver allowing convenient one handed operation and comes with one orange pistol grip handle. Three step attenuator allows full receiver sensitivity for longest range or reduced sensitivity for one foot or less close-in range. Easy to change, available everywhere, 9 volt alkaline battery. Very sensitive meter for received signal strength and monitoring battery voltage. Extremely selective front end to reject the most troublesome interference.

Size 11 1/2 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 3 inches thick. Open antenna width is 20 inches. Loud, great sounding audio for in vehicle use. Rugged aluminum case for hard field use. Featherweight at 28 oz. with folding antenna and one pistol grip handle.

2030 MF-600A Receiver with folding antenna. 

Comes with nice black Nylon carry case and head phone adapter.


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