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THE COMPLETE MERLIN, The Merlin and Red Headed Falcon in Falconry. Hard bound book, 400 pages. $69.95
THE COMPLETE MERLIN, The Merlin and Red Headed Falcon in Falconry.

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THE COMPLETE MERLIN, The Merlin and Red Headed Falcon in Falconry.

2018 1st Edition, 8 1/2 x 11 full color hard bound book, color dust cover.

Table of contents.
Includes these 13 chapters.
Natural History and Ecology of the Merlin and Red headed Falcon, United States: Robin William Radcliffe, Captive Propagation or Merlins, Germany: Manfred Heidenreich , Hacking Merlins, Great Britain: Tony James, Lark Hawking with Merlins, Great Britain: Grant Hagger, Con Taylor and Mike Nicholls, Hawking with Merlins in Russia, Russia: Natalia Grechanaya, Hawking with Merlins in The Old World and the New World, Great Britain: John Loft, Flying Jacks from a Pitch, United States: Hans Peeters, High Climbing Flights at Starlings with the Passage Merlin, United States: Kenneth C. Tuttle with John Testa, Waiting on Flights with Merlins, United States: Tim Gallagher, Flying the Passage Merlin, Trapping, and Hunting Methods, United States: Eric Edwards with Alan Jenkins and Spence Wise, The Merlin and Red Headed Falcon in India, India: Sirdar Mohamed Osman, Flying Eyass and Intermewed Red Headed Falcons in Southern Africa, South Africa: E. R. Robbie Robinson and Kenny J. Pinnock, Adventures in Ireland with a cast of Red Headed Falcons, Ireland: Tony Huston, Hood Fitting Chart, Hoodmaking and Patterns, United States: James West Nelson.

Comments below about this new book.

Perhaps once or twice in a Century a truly inspired book becomes a classic in the world literature about falconry. This book, published by Western Sporting and authored by 21 falconers on how to train and hunt with two small species of falcons, the circumboreal Merlin and the red-headed falcon of the Indian Subcontinent and sub-Saharan Africa, is destined to take its place among the great books on hawking. It is richly illustrated by drawings and full page, color portraits by Ron Digby of the various subspecies and the variants of the Merlin and red-headed falcon. In addition to the superbly written chapters by the falconers, there is also a 100 page chapter by Robin Radcliffe providing an informative, up to date summary of the scientific literature on both species of falcons.
The rich experiences these falconers have so generously shared with their readers about working with these two small, but highly capable bird hunters, leaves the inspired reader longing to take up this special branch of hawking. I predict a greatly increase interest in the hinting with Merlins and other small species of falcons in the coming years.

Tom Cade: Falconer, biologist, founder of The Peregrine Fund, author of The Falcons of the World.

5179 - THE COMPLETE MERLIN, The Merlin and Red Headed Falcon in Falconry. $69.95

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