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INCA INCUBATOR MODEL 100 , Comes with a 2 year warranty.

We have decided to offer the Inca Incubator since we have had so many US Breeders that have already gotten this unit and used it with excellent results. Our reviews have come from US falcon breeders and also Parrot breeders, that keep telling us this is the best Incubator on the market today. It is costly but well worth the money paid. More customer reviews to come soon.

USA orders can be paid using credit card or pay pal. International orders, choose Bank wire or Western Union payment if this is your first order with us.

To learn more of about the Inca Incubators please watch the Videos shown below.

Leading edge technology for successful and productive breeding, designed especially for falcons, hawks, parrots and other small egg incubation use.

Emulation of the natural heat, moisture and egg rolling conditions, combined with an elegant, convenient, easy-to-use design creates a highly efficient & save on energy product, suitable for every breeder, professional and amateur.
The incubators are well isolated and operating within a large range of ambient temperatures; between 18-30 Degrees Celsius.

Exclusive Heating Technique – a large surface heating-plate mounted on the incubator’s top and heats close to the brooding mother’s temperature. The centered fan causing the air to heat up and to descent evenly on the eggs below.

Clear Digital Display – an electronic controller allows the temperature to remain at the desired level and monitors the heating-plate as well. A digital display provides the user with real-time information about the temperature inside the incubator.

Automatic Egg-rolling System – an adjustable timer controls the egg-turning system; a sliding conveyor with rigid metal wires. – The eggs lay between the wires, on the incubator floor, and the conveyor’s movement causing the eggs to roll. The spaces between the wires can be adjusted according to the size of the eggs. This automatic egg-rolling system is totally safe for the hatching chicks and therefore it saves the usage of a hatcher.

Manual Humidity Control – for achieving the best hatching results, a suitable level of relative humidity is required at all times and for that, a water container is placed inside the incubator. Humidity regulation is done every few days by closing and opening the movable glass lid on the container’s perforated top. The transparent container can be easily removed for refilling with water or for cleaning.

Temperature\Humidity Meter – for adjusting and monitoring the relative humidity inside the incubator.

Maximum Visibility -sliding transparent glass doors for convenient monitoring of the egg incubation process. Can be lifted out easily for the purpose of cleaning.

Easy Maintenance – the incubators, constructed out of rigid P.V.C, were designed for easy cleaning and optimal disinfection with no hidden spots for bacterial growth.

Every part is accessible and can be quickly dismantled including the heating plate and the egg conveyor.

INCA INCUBATOR MODEL 100 , $1995.00.


Key Features are listed below.

Scientific advantage developed with nature in mind for stronger and healthier chicks
Chick friendly automatic egg rotator
completely safe hatching environment
Highly accurate climate control
humidity and temperature adjustor
Simplicity easy operating, cleaning,
monitoring and controlling
Reliability fail proof investment for fail proof hatching results!

Size of the Inca incubator is 20 15/32 inches long x 12 13/64 depth x 10 5/8 inches tall.

Ship weight is around 12 to 14 pounds depending on the courier used.

Shipping options that can be used are USPS or UPS

If you have any questions about this new product please contact us from our contact link on the home page.
Inca Incubator information from maker
More information on the use of the INCA Incubators

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