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Gloves coming after May 1st watch for Pre-sale in April

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These gloves will not be available until after May 1st, so please check back in late April as we will have a Pre-sale at a discounted price at that time.

Please note sale items cannot use first time buyer discount.

The ArmOR Hand Gloves are made of ALL synthetic materials including Stretch Cordura (strongest stretch material), Neoprene over knuckles increases flexibility, Double layer DuPont™ knit Kevlar® lines the entire hand. These gloves also have superior flexibility and dexterity as well as bring reinforced in high risk areas.

The gloves are NOT bulky: you can feel the pressure you are applying to restrain, you can achieve proper restraint (decreasing chance of being injured), stress is decreased for pet owner, pet, and staff - animals won't slip through your hands. Keeping You & Your Animal Safe.

These gloves are now being used by Animal handlers, Zoo's, Raptor centers, Veterinary offices, pet owners, Pet shops, Humane animal shelters, SPCA, Wildlife Rehabbers, Veterinary Schools, Vet Technicians, Pet Groomers, Animal control officers and many more.

Additional Features:
Pregnant employees may feel more comfortable wearing the gloves even for routine exams, while being more cautious in the workplace.The gloves can be wiped down and they are machine washable! Machine wash cold, mild detergent, line/hang dry. Easy! They come in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, and XL to ensure a proper fit. See size chart below to measure your hand. Each glove has an easily visible size marker at the top of the cuff as well as a loop for hanging/easy storage. The gloves are water-resistant. Each pair of gloves are hand-cut and sewn for a perfect fit!


Wildlife Rehabber

"I work with raptors, foxes, and raccoons. I feel the pressure of a talon or bite, but have yet to receive a single wound. I love my gloves. I love that they protect up to my elbow and they are so comfortable to wear. I can even grip a syringe while wearing them. BEST investment I ever made."

Tiffany Morley

President of SOAR Wildlife Center

"WE LOVE YOUR GLOVES! They protect against bites from all types of animals! Before we had these gloves, we sustained bites from wild animals through other types of gloves. These gloves allow us to gain control of wildlife safely. The ArmOR Hand Gloves have changed the way we assist wildlife. I have been bitten while wearing the gloves but did not get injured - not even bruising! Thank you so much for developing these amazing gloves!"


Dr. Laura Catena

Veterinarian, ArmOR Hand Protective Glove Inventor

I love being a veterinarian, and am well-aware of the seriousness of animal-related injuries. When I was bitten by a patient, my joints became infected. I had severe pain, extensive surgery, and months of physical therapy in order to regain proper function of my hand. Because of my injury, I developed The Arm OR Hand Protective Gloves. These gloves help to protect against animal-related injuries, by allowing safe and proper animal handling. The gloves provide personal protection of the hand and forearm, decreasing the chance of bites and scratches, as well as the transmission of disease, through safe restraint techniques.

My Bite Pictures.

"this size chart is very accurate"

Glove disclaimer: "The ArmOR Hand Gloves are bite resistant not bite proof. They can decrease the severity of injury, if injury occurs."

These gloves help to decrease the chance of injury in more ways than one - you can actually wear them and utilize proper restraint technique (this is impossible with any bulky glove). With proper restraint technique, the chance of injury severely decreases. The gloves are reinforced in statistically the high-risk bite areas. The gloves have the rubber coating so that animals won't slip through your hands (this in itself decreases animal stress as well as handler stress).

Please note this video is 10 minutes long, so you can fast forward it if needed, enjoy.

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