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Falcon & Eagle Gloves

Falconry gloves and Gauntlets from Mike's are the best gloves for your money.We make our gloves from only the best Elk, Deer and cowhides available.We offer full cuff gloves that are 15" long and short cuff gloves that range from 11" up to 14" long. Our Elk and Deer hide gloves are the best you will find anywhere and these gloves will last many years.

Accessories for Gauntlets Elk, Deer and Cowhide Gauntlets Mid and Full Cuff gloves Custom Eagle Gloves
Leather safety lines attaches to D-ring and has french snap on end to attach to your birds jesses.
Quality made cowhide or Deer hide gloves full and short cuff.
Quality made eagle gloves double and three layers thick for best protection. Made from American Buffalo hide.
Eagle Gauntlets Eagle Sheaths Leather Utility Falconers Glove
Three layer eagle gloves, made from the best Cowhide.
Eagle sheaths many styles made from cowhide and Bufaflo hide for the best hand and arm protection.
Good quality utility handling or feeding gloves.
Norwegian Eagle Gauntlet Raptor and animal handling gloves
Heavy duty double thick black cowhide eagle gloves.
We make shoulder length and elbow length double thick raptor and animal handling gloves.
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Sale Price: $49.95
Northwest Eagle Gauntlets
Sale Price: $210.00